Bambino : a motion typeface

A motion typeface (-mtf) is a font with the added dimensions of time and movement. Each character of a motion typeface has an animation embedded within it to describe its existence on screen. These characters and their respective motion properties are stored as a library of Flash animations.

The Bambino font family is the prototype motion typeface. The family of 16 fonts consists of 4 script styles and 4 fill and stroke styles. Each motion character has been carefully designed to seemlessly join with preceeding or succeeding characters and to overlap with corresponding fill and stroke variations.

To achieve this the bambino-mtf family consists of around 12000 motion characters. In other words 12000 frames, or approximately 8 minutes worth of animation.

The promotional short film opposite was screened at the 2nd annual Typophile Film Festival 2005.

For further information about the Bambino typeface or the motion typeface format please contact Ian Mitchell at: